We understand that due to the limitations placed on creditors in Texas (no wage garnishment and homesteads are exempt, for example), collecting a debt may take more time than in other jurisdictions.  But we also understand with continuous and persistent efforts, successful collection results are possible.

When a commercial customer fails to pay your business for goods or services rendered in Texas, our experienced attorneys stand ready to assist your company in the collection of monies that rightfully belongs to you.  Our commercial collections lawyers and staff understand the urgency to address business debt before the debtor has a chance to dissipate assets or file for bankruptcy protection.

If your company is having a business debt collection problem, needs assistance in recovering debts owed, or would like an experienced attorney to review a contract or agreement regarding a debt arrangement, contact us by filling our our contact form or give us a call.

Receivership is also one of the collection tools that can be very effective.  We recommend and utilize the services of a Receiver who has realized excellent results to our clients.  Our "Turnover Order" gives the Receiver specific rights and the authority to collect beyond the normal post-judgment options.

Guest & Associates law firm is a member of the American Lawyers Quarterly (ALQ), the Commercial Bar, Columbia List, General Bar National List, Wright Holmes and Forwarders List.

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Commercial Collection and Business Debt Recovery

Guest & Associates is a full service business and commercial law firm offering pre-suit commercial collection, litigation and post-judgment collection efforts.  We represent commercial creditors and business owners in the collection of overdue accounts.

Our experienced staff accept cases from local, statewide and national companies desiring to collect and seek debt recovery for retail, commercial and business collections for companies located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, North Texas and throughout our great state of Texas.

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