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Looking for a divorce attorney located close to home?  Look no further!   We are located in Duncanville, Texas, and we offer family law representation for women or men during a situation that oftentimes can be quite challenging and sometimes even difficult.

Divorces and family law cases can last months, and we know the longer it takes, the more stress and emotional damage it can do to a family just trying to move on with a new chapter in their lives.  But we also know that it is extremely important not to rush into a bad settlement agreement. It is our goal to represent you efficiently while maximizing the support we provide you so you reach a satisfying resolution to your case.

Our experienced divorce lawyers are experts at listening to and working with clients to achieve specific, immediate and long-term goals.  Some of the key issues involved in a divorce include:

Property Division - How to divide your property and assets as a result of a divorce can be a challenging and complex situation. Our attorneys have in-depth experience in protecting a client’s assets and guiding our clients through the division of property during the divorce.

Child Custody - In a divorce, the courts determine what’s in the best interest of a child.  Our attorneys will represent you and your right to custody of your child or children.

Child Support - After a divorce, determining how to pay for the children’s expenses going forward is one of the primary issues facing divorced couples.  There are many possibilities to consider when it comes to child support.  Our attorneys help you understand all of your options under the Texas law.

Guardianship - There are times when people need help managing their daily affairs due to their age, an injury or even a disease.  If this happens, a family member, or even a friend, can ask a Judge to appoint a guardian for them.  The terms "guardian" and "ward" are legal terms used to indicate the relationship between someone who protects another (the guardian) and the person being protected (the ward).  Our attorneys can help you navigate through the legal process during this delicate situation.

We assist with various types of divorces, including uncontested divorce, arbitration, collaborative divorce, contested divorce, and mediated divorce.

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